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Our Toomer family is a large proud family, the majority of which calls East Berlin, New Jersey home.  The passion and dedication of Floyd M. Riley, the family historian, drives us all to understand and come together to celebrate who we are.

This portal will focus on the history, genealogy, reunion/event info descendants of Caroline Toomer, born 1830 in North Carolina. Pictured in the background is her daughter Lucy, born 1858. Pictured on the left are Lucy's grand children, Albert, Ida, and Clarence. Our story also includes locales such as: Chatham Co., NC, Houston Co., Ga., Jacksonville and Tallahassee, Fl., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Banquet and Block Party

Toomer Avenue, formerly Elm Avenue was created and celebrated during the summer of 2000. Join us on Friday, July 24th and Saturday 25th , 2015 for the 15th Annual Toomer Avenue Banquet and Block Party. View details here.

Ida, Clarence Toomer

Toomer Family Newsletter

Did you receive the family Newsletter? If not click Contact Us link and complete the form, providing your name and address. This family newsletter contains details about our 15th Anniversary Toomer Avenue Celebration. View newsletter here.