Biography of Susie Mae Toomer Reid

Birth: 1921 (Philadelphia)

Death: 1985 (Berlin, NJ)

Spouse:  Rev Elijah A.  Reid

No. of Children: 12

Written by the Reid Family

Susie Mae Toomer Reid was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 19, 1921 to Henry and Bertha Walker Toomer.  She moved to Berlin in 1926  with her family. She began her formal education at the East Berlin Community School. Later she attended West Berlin Elementary School and Haddonfield High School.

She married Elijah Alexander Reid  in April 1938. They  were blessed with twelve children: Elijah, Harold, Brenda, Marilyn, Robert, Ronald, Mark, Pamela, Marianne, Cheryl, Eric, and Susie.

Susie was saved as a teenager and gave her life to the service of the Lord.  She was extremely active and served in the following auxiliaries:  Sunshine Band, Adult Choir, Young Women’s Christian Council, Pastor’s Aid, and  State Women’s Department. She held the office of Church Clerk, Choir Director, and State Chairman of the Women’s Department.  She was also a licensed Missionary.

In her civic life, Susie was involved in community affairs. She was active in the PTA,  served as secretary of the Welfare Board and was a Volunteer for the Heart Fund. She was also instrumental in closing the East Berlin Community School which had become inadequate in the delivery of educational services to the children of the neighborhood.

She excelled in all of her endeavors. She was an accomplished  seamstress, wedding coordinator, pianist/organist, caterer, and flower arranger. She reported for the Philadelphia Tribune and the Courier Post. She was employed as a Dietician at the Berlin Township Elementary Schools and at the Archway Lower School in Atco, N.J.

She deeply felt the most important job in her natural life was her role as wife of her Pastor, Reverend Elijah A. Reid, Sr. God chose her to be the wife of this Godly man. She had the highest respect for him. She loved the Lord. She loved her family, both naturally and spiritually.  She loved life and doing for others.  She was energetic, vivacious and enthusiastic.

Junior says: "You’re the epitome of parenthood, and thanks for my college education."
Harold says: "You’re the greatest parent he’s ever known. Thanks for being my inspiration."
Brenda says: "Thanks for having me as your daughter and taking care of me all the while."
Marilyn says: "You’re the epitome of womanhood.  It’s a blessing to be your child."
Rob says: "I think you’re truly heaven’s best.  Thanks for not giving up on me."
Ronnie says: "You’re a necessary pleasure of life.  Thank you for all the love I see."
Mark says: "I know that you’re second to none. Words can’t express what you’ve meant."
Pam says: "Mom you’re truly perfect and truly heaven sent."
Marianne says: "Thank you for the years of love, you’re the apple of God’s eye."
Cheryl says: "Thank you for being there. You got sweeter as the time went by."
Ricky says: "Thanks for being my mother, I think you’re so ideal."
Sue says: "Thank you, mother dear, for the love you’ve made us feel."
Susie has 26 grandchildren, one of whom is Ron Dayne, 1999 Heisman Trophy Winner.